Docenin™Chakra Healing Apple Watch Strap

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Size:  Small 5-6.5 inch wrist
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The new Chakra Healing Apple Watch Strap was inspired by our best-seller, The Chakra Power Bracelet. You can now enjoy the benefits of healing crystal jewelry while simultaneously wearing your smartwatch! This unique, one-of-a-kind Apple Watch Strap features 100% all-natural Jasper stones.

Crystal energy healing is based on the idea of regulating life energy through our body's 7 spiritual energy fields called chakras. Each chakra vibrates at a different color frequency represented within the stone of our Chakra Healing Apple Watch Strap. Wear this strap to help balance life energy through each chakra channel and witness spiritual, emotional, and physical alignment transcend.

  • Item Type: Apple Watch Strap
  • Compatibility: 38-44mm Apple Watch Face
  • Details: 32mm Stainless Steel Magnetic Slider
  • Natural Stone: Jasper
  • Adjustability: 3 Loops for Adjustment/Sizing