FAVHAIR Spiral Hair Curler

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尺寸:  12PCS 30CM
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1. DIY your hairstyle: With this curler spiral curling hair, you can easily control your favorite wavy hairstyle without the involvement of a third party.

2. No heat damage: This product is a good substitute for thermal styling products, helping to keep your hair healthy, creating clear, smooth and wide curls every time.

3. General purpose: This product is easy to use, suitable for various hairstyles, such as frizz, natural curly, straight hair, etc., to make beautiful curly hair and body wavy hair without damage.

4. Portability: This product is small in size and light in weight, which is very convenient to carry around.

5. Beautiful: This product is made with functional exquisite craftsmanship, and appearance is very stylish and beautiful.



1. These curlers can easily roll and curl your hair and create a fashionable style easily.

2. Easy to use to roll your desired hairstyle quickly and efficiently, creating a mix of curls and waves.



Size: 30cm 45cm

Color: pink, orange

Material: PET+PVC