Hair Wrap Extensions- Yarn - Braid in - Clip in -Festival hair accessories -Boho hairstyle -

Primary Color:  A
Length:  <12 inches
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*Each order is one hair wrap*
-Colors may vary slightly than shown in photos

•Choose length option depending on the length of your hair. To determine length, measure from about two inches above the top of the ear since this is where attachment is best for a seamless look. You can also attach anywhere below the ear etc. so measure accordingly
- if you would like anything shorter please choose <12 and write specific inches or if you would like anything longer choose >19 and write specifics.

**Hair wraps are made tight at first to insure longevity and will relax and form to hair with use and time! They can also be worn in the shower depending on how well you’ve braided it into the hair** Be sure to fully dry wraps after getting wet each time!

preferred location is about two inches above the top of the ear to seamlessly blend into the hair, anything higher can cause the top to stick out.

I prefer braiding them into my hair (as seen in photos) for longer lasting results at a time or you can also clip or pin them into your hair if you'd like**
-to braid into hair, pull a tiny section of hair through the hair wrap loop, then separate 2 more tiny hair sections as you would do a normal braid and keep it tight at the root, then continue to braid as usual and tie off with small hair rubber band. help with this process can insure longer wear time with tightness of braid

*sizes can change depending on where you put the extension in your hair*