Docenin™🔥Hand Exerciser🔥[Keep using it, the effect is beyond your expectations]

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Color:  No.1 Black
No.1 Black
No.2 Black + Gray
No.3 Gray + Black
No.4 Light Blue
No.5 Sky Blue
No.6 Blue + Black
No.7 Green + Gray
No.8 Pink
No.9 Orange
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A portable, lightweight, multi-color, adjustable strength, counted hand exerciser
✅Fashionable appearance
✅Suitable for all kinds of people
✅ Sturdy material
✅One can be used for a long time

Our product gives you an edge at the gym, boxing, rock climbing, or even playing an instrument.

The new second generation is coming!!


    • Release your daily anxiety
    • Increase forearm size
    • Remove forearm fat
    • Improve blood flow to your hands, warming the muscles and ligaments
    • Improve flexibility
    • Improve range of motion
    • Reduce joint damage
    • Reduce the risk of injury by elongating the muscles
    • Relieve pain


After exercising for about a month,

the grip strength of the fingers has improved significantly

Compared to the previous generation of hand exercisers, 
the new second generation is a qualitative leap

✅Strength can be adjusted 5-60KG

20 Pounds- Applicable for early stages of rehabilitation/recovery

40 Pounds- Applicable for mid to late stages rehabilitation/recovery, as well as women's fitness use

60 Pounds- Applicable for men's fitness use

✅Equipped with a counter, the number of pressings is clear