Malibu Shimmer Tail Set

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Surf’s up, Dude! 🤙

Set of two (2) 26 inch unicorn hair ponytails on strong hair elastics. Our Malibu Shimmer Tail Extensions add color, length and MAGIC to all your hairstyles.

☀️ Wear them as ponytails right over her natural hair

🌴 Braid tthem into her hair for a dazzling braided style

⛱️ Braid the extensions in several sections for a fun festival look!

Malibu Shimmer is ombré dyed in shades of pink, aqua and lavender and has lots of sparkly iridescent tinsel throughout.

To keep your Shimmer Tails looking great, give them a spritz of water and a quick comb through with a wide toothed comb before and after wearing. Store them flat in their plastic sleeves.