Multicolor rainbow ring

Taille:  5
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  • Size
    5 - 15,7 mm
    6 - 16,5 mm
    7 - 17,3 mm
    8 - 18,2 mm
    9 - 19,0 mm
  • 10 - 19,8 mm
    11 - 20,6 mm
  • Material: Resin
    Color: Multicolor

Prepare to be amazed by our Multicolored Rainbow Ring, an extraordinary jewel that celebrates the diversity of colors. This treasure shines with a rainbow of precious stones, each shade capturing a part of nature's magnificence.

The exquisite design of this ring features a multitude of sparkling stones in a symphony of color, creating a dazzling aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. The vibrant combination of colors is framed by a white gold ring, adding a touch of sophistication to this radiant piece.

The Multicolor Rainbow Ring is more than just a piece of jewelry; it is a statement of joy, individuality and creativity. She represents colorful boldness, a positive attitude and an appreciation of beauty in its purest form.

Treat yourself to this gorgeous piece of jewelry to add a splash of color to your life or give it as a gift to someone special to share the joy of color diversity. With our Multicolored Rainbow Ring, every day is a celebration of colors.