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Snakes are mythical creatures that have been on Earth for a long, long time. It is easy to relate to snakes. Maybe you're like a snake who is ready to strike at a great opportunity in life, or a snake that is ready to grow with the shredding of your old skin. If you can relate and if you're a snake lover, then this is the thigh chain that you definitely can't pass up! Show off your thigh while wearing a dress with this gorgeous snake thigh chain!

  • Side chain length: The side chain measures 34cm or about 13.38in
  • Elastic Band circumference: 38cm or about 14.96in
  • Comes in a stunning gold and silver
  • The elastic band is made with high quality leather.


Q: What is the thigh chain made out of?

A: The thigh chain is made with high quality leather and high quality gold or silver plated copper.

Q: Is the band adjustable?

A: The elastic band can stretch to fit different sizes of thighs.