TONS of HAIR TINSEL in 2 minutes: Removeable strips of sparkling hair bling shimmers for parties, festivals, holidays

Size:  for 10 in hair inches
Tinsel Color On Clear, Slide-Off Tape:  holographic brown
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TONS of tinsel in TWO MINUTES! Sparkling, shimmering, hair dazzle bling is trending back! 😊For parties, holidays, festivals and every day glamor. Now with tons of tinsel, not just tying in one strand at a time or beading in a spaghetti stripe, but installing up to 200 glittery strands in two minutes!
This is only possible with this NEW patented product: InstaTinsel
Stick-on strips slide off with hair conditioner or fuse in to wash and wear for weeks!
Multicolor choices of removeable, reusable synthetic dazzling hair bling- 150+ Strands! Choose hair length and color. Professional hair salon quality. Wear under a light layer of hair for a day or weeks, just like tape-in hair extensions. Heat resistance to 400°. Waterproof. They take a light curl. Top hair salon quality

Holographic gold, holographic silver, holographic pink, holographic aqua, holographic tangerine, solid gold, sterling silver, aquamarine, ice pink, neon pink, red, royal, auburn, black, royal blue, green, purple, and neon rainbow!!

No tying knots, no beading, no tangling. Lovely ladies, teens and little girls all love to add georgeous shimmers to the hair attention getter for parties, festivals, or every day!

They go in just like stickers under a light layer of hair. They slide off by applying common rubbing alcohol, any hair healthy oil or deep conditioner on the adhesive side. They last a few days or a washing or two.
If you’d like to reuse them, order a sheer of two sided hair tape.
If you’d like to wear them for up to six weeks, order one-sided hair tape for the backing to sandwich the hair.
But if you’re just going to wear them for an event, just stick them on and use a flat iron to fuse to the hair.

We also carry CLIP-IN hair tinsel shimmers. ~20 strands per clip. 150+ per package.

How to attach/ install/ put in/ remove? Just watch a informational tutorial through this link:,vid:5ffED6IUptI