Docenin™Guitar Key Hanger

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Guitar Key Hanger

Say goodbye to your keys everywhere! Guitar Key Hanger is a simple, effective way to keep your keys arranged with your passion of music..

Automobile and house door keys can lose anywhere in our house if we don't keep them at a specific place. What other thing is better than Guitar Key Hanger for this purpose! For all our music lovers, we have introduced this new product.

Why get yours?

  • Easy to use: Guitar Key Hanger is very easy to use as you only need to install 4 screws on the wall and then the key base can easily be hanged on those screws with the help of hidden wall mounting brackets attached to it. This package include 1 Key base, 4 screws, 4 guitar plug keychains and a instruction page for the installation. 
  • Material: It is actually made of real amp material and look of this product will give you the feel of a Rockstar. Guitar Key Hanger will be the point of attraction for your relatives and friends. 
  • Relocatable: Guitar Key Hanger is very easy to relocate as it only requires the relocation of those 4 screws which are already installed on the wall to the new place where you want to mount it. Those 4 holes of screws on the wall are easily fillable with the use of silicone or any other appropriate substance. 

Don't ever lose your keys around the house with the help of Guitar Key Hanger. It adds a lot of beauty to your house, office, recording studio or rehearsal space. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!